Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Statement details the AdMobile pledge to keep your information private. Any questions in regards to AdMobile privacy practices should be sent via email to

What Type Of Information Does Admobile Collect?

AdMobile utilizes the cookie feature of your browser. Cookies, on their own, can't be used to identify you. The cookie feature of your browser can be turned off; simply locate your browser preference options. Keep in mind that disabling the cookie feature will prevent you from participating in certain activities.

Your IP address helps AdMobile diagnose server problems and helps us administer website functions. IP addresses provide us with geographical information and aggregated information on how visitors utilize AdMobile. By monitoring search queries, access times, and traffic patterns we can determine how to market users and make their experience more enjoyable.

What does AdMobile do with my data?

AdMobile only collects data to enhance and personally tailor our website to meet your needs. Personal information that is collected allows us to customize website content and generate targeted advertisements based on your particular preferences. Cookies help us distinguish between individual users, tailor fit homepages, control advertisement frequency, and so on.

IP addresses help us diagnose server issues and help us administer AdMobile. Without your IP address it would be impossible to keep our services running 24/7, and we want to be here for you around the clock.

Every email sent to AdMobile users is to meet your needs. We offer website updates, inform you of new features, allow you to register for special offers and sweepstakes, all for your enjoyment. If at any point these emails become annoying or bothersome, simply click on the link provided to opt out.

Also note that your email address helps AdMobile respond to any questions you have posed, issues you have encountered, or complaints made. We require your email address so we may address these issues.

Who else gets to see my personal information?

When you request services from our business partners AdMobile will share your personal information with them, so that you can receive what you have requested. If you have any questions or concerns about an AdMobile business partner, you may contact them directly. AdMobile is not responsible for the data collection or privacy practices of business partners. Your personal information may also be shared with AdMobile owned businesses.

Your personal information will be shared with an outside party if we have good reason to believe that the law or legal process require it. It is our obligation to protect any rights or property of AdMobile and others associated with our company and website.

Targeted advertisements enhance user experience, and so at times we may share specifically non personal information with advertisers, so that they may present you with relevant advertisements. Geographical information may be shared along with demographics, but we will never share personally identifiable information.

How do I delete my information from AdMobile?

At this current time it is not possible to completely delete your user information from the AdMobile database. If you are concerned with the security of your personal data you can remove the cookie stored on your browser, which will allow the server to perceive you as a new user. In the future you can change your browser setting to not accept cookies. Be aware that removing cookies does prevent you from participating in certain activities.

Will I be notified of a security breach?

AdMobile has taken many steps to ensure that your personal information is not made publicly available and that is only accessible to the user who originally entered it. However, in the event of an unlikely security breach, the user will be notified via email immediately.

Do linked sites honor your policy?

Linked sites are not run or controlled by AdMobile. The website does contain many linked sites, so that we may offer you additional services and products that we feel you will enjoy. Each linked site is owned by an outside company; therefore, they have established their own polices in respect to privacy. AdMobile won't be held responsible for privacy practices or policies or content of linked sites. Also note that any personal information supplied to an outside advertiser is at your own risk

Will your policy always remain intact?

We cannot guarantee that this policy will always be honored. In the event that AdMobile is bought, or our assets are acquired by another company, user information may be transferred to new ownership. AdMobile will suggest this policy be adapted, but we cannot guarantee it.

AdMobile will notify you of changes

AdMobile is constantly improving and making additions to our site to provide you with better features and services. As a result, our policies must be continuously revised. Whenever alterations are required, a new revised policy will be posted to this site, along with the date of last revision. It is important to us that you are always up to date with AdMobile policies, so check this site often for information on your privacy.

Contacting AdMobile

In regards to privacy issues or the collection of personal data, any questions or concerns can be directed to our dedicated representatives. Please contact them by email at